Vaseline intensive care spray moisturiser has become my favourite body moisturiser from the moment I tried it a few months ago. I tried all three of them which are available on this market and they are all equally good.

The essential healing spray moisturiser is with pure oat extract to leave skin soft. The cocoa radiant one is with pure cocoa butter to bring out your skin’s natural glow and the aloe soothing moisturiser is with aloe which is known to soothe and calm dry, irritated skin. Although they are meant for dry skin, I think they can be used for all skin types as they absorb in seconds to moisturize your skin without being greasy or sticky.

The continuous spray with fine mist is a wonderful way to apply the product evenly and thus you can reach areas which are otherwise hard to reach. The scent is mild and pleasant.

The moisturiser comes in a tin bottle of 190ml and it costs about 5,00EUR.