Korean beauty brands have become extremely popular in recent years and TonyMoly is one of the favourites amongst them.

It is a South Korean beauty company founded in 2006 and it offers a wide range of products including skin, body and hair care products as well as make-up. It is known not only for its adorable packaging (the name of the brand roughly translated means “putting style into packaging”), but for its premium quality products as well.

TonyMoly uses innovative natural and organic ingredients (such as green tree, primrose, honey, coffee, pomegranate etc.) and cutting-edge technologies. They received multiple awards for their formulas. The brand is committed to perfecting skincare through continuous research and ethical practices (they do not test on animals). Its philosophy is to provide beauty products that match modern urban style with the true beauty of women. All products come in colourful cute packages and the manufacturer enhances this appeal by using some of the packages that look like real fruits good enough to eat.

TonyMoly is present across Asia, Europe, Canada, the USA and South America and they are constantly expanding. Their products are available at Sephora (including Sephora Greece and you can make online orders – they ship to Cyprus).

These are the products that I am currently using: Panda’s Dream White Sleeping Pack, Egg Pore Blackhead Steam Balm, Egg Pore Tightening Cooling Pack, Appletox Peeling Cream, Magic Food Banana Hand Milk and Cherry Lip Balm (the stalk of the cherry is missing in the photo as it has fallen off).