Every now and then I get an occasional breakout and this gel is the only product that works for me.

Dr Spot has salicylic and lactic acids which fight spots by gently peeling away pore-clogging dead skin cells and reducing inflammation. It also contains Fomes Officinalis mushroom to tighten pores as well as kaolin microclay to soak up excess sebum. Witch hazel optimizes PH balance on the skin’s surface and vitamins A, C, E and B3 stimulate circulation, brighten dark spots, smooth and exfoliate skin.

After just one or two applications on individual spots, they become visibly smaller and less red. It is a clear gel and it feels cool when you apply it. You might also experience some tingling and slight burning. It absorbs well. The spots will not disappear miraculously overnight, but this gel definitely soothes active spots and helps to speed up their disappearance.

Dr Spot costs around 9,00EUR and it can be purchased at Boots in UK or online.

It is a superb product for emergency spot fighting and by far the best spot treatment gel I have come across so far.