Good Girl by Carolina Herrera was launched in September 2016 under the slogan: “It’s good to be bad”.

It is a blend of dark elements (mysterious and deep notes of roasted tonka beans and cocoa) and light elements (floral notes of tuberose and jasmine sambac) which represent the duality of a woman’s character. In their own words, it is for the woman who loves her good side and celebrates her bad side.

A bottle in the shape of a black stiletto is a bit kitschy, but it immediately grabs your attention.

The fragrance is powerful, sensual and very feminine. It is warm and sweet and therefore, I would recommend it for cooler temperatures and evening wear. Apply it carefully, just a spritz or two as it is very strong and long lasting and it can be overwhelming.

The fragrance comes in a bottle of 50ml and 80ml Eau de Parfum. The face of the perfume is Karlie Kloss and the nose behind it is Louise Turner.