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Noir couture volume mascara was designed by Nicolas Degennes, make-up artistic director at Givenchy. Its formula features silica micro-beads filled with keratin to protect the lashes while nourishing rice peptides strengthen them. It is paraben free.

The packaging is gorgeous. The black case with inverted studs adds a touch of glam rock look.

The texture of this mascara is quite dense and I think its formula is a bit too sticky and dry.

On the other hand, the applicator is great. The bristles of the brush are thicker and bigger at the bottom and thinner and smaller at the top which helps in getting the lashes on the inner corner. One coat of this rich black mascara will give your lashes the dramatic look with extra volume. I find it very difficult to apply the second coat because of its dry formula.

It lasts all day and it does not flake.

It is fairly easy to remove.

To my great disappointment, the mascara dried out very quickly and clumped around the brush only one month after opening. Definitely not worth the money (it costs around 35,00EUR).