I was on the hunt for a good matte lip product and the concept of Clinique Pop Lip Shadow Cushion Matte Lip Powder seemed very interesting and quite different from anything that I have seen and tried so far. It is inspired by backstage make-up artists who press powder over the lipstick to soak up any shine and give a truly matte finish. It has a unique cream-powder formula and it delivers highly pigmented lip colour.

First you should activate the colour by unscrewing the clear cap from the wand and the white lid from the coloured cylindrical cap. Then you should dip the anti-bacterial treated sponge applicator inside the cap to pick up the pigment.

It is allergy tested and 100% fragrance free like any other Clinique product.

I bought the one in the shade of Brown Sugar Pop. Prior to applying it, I had prepped my lips well as suggested by the brand. You can apply the product lightly with the sponge applicator, but you can build up layers for more intensity as well. You should do this quickly as it stains and dries fast. The creamy texture turns into the powder with the matte finish. The applicator is hard to work with as it is rather squishy and this makes the application a little challenging. In order not to spread the powder over the edge of your lips, I would recommend the use of a lip pencil first. The pigmentation is great and the texture feels nice on the lips, but the product can go on unevenly and patchy. It has a decent staying power, but it is not transfer-proof and it comes off with food and drinks. While wearing it, my lips felt quite drying and each and every line was accentuated even though I had a coat of lip balm underneath. In my opinion, this product requires too much effort both for putting it on and maintaining it.

I have not tried any colours other than this one, so I cannot tell if they all behave in the same way. The Clinique Pop Lip Shadow Cushion Matte Lip Powder comes in the range of eight shades. I paid for it 23,50EUR at the Beauty Line, but you can find it cheaper online for the price of about 20,00EUR.